An epochal event

On March 25th our watch partner Frederique Constant launched their Slimline Monolithic Manufacture with our latest technology inside.

It was perceived as a breakthrough in the watch industry, a watch that ticks at an astonishing 288,000 times per hour, which is 10 times faster than most mechanical watches, yet runs twice as long (on a standard barrel). It includes an oscillator of an unprecedented size of just 9,8 mm in diameter and 0,3 mm in thickness, which is significantly smaller than a Lever Escapement System.

It received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the watch industry, press and the end users, such as “a disruptive technology”, “a layer so thin that it seems two-dimensional, as if the third dimension is time”, “start of a new sector in the watch industry”, “an epochal event”. You can find more information here.