Flexous at booth L114 EPHJ 2024

Visit Flexous at EPHJ 2024

Come visit our booth at EPHJ and meet the team!

We are happy to schedule a dedicated meeting with you to explore possibilities. Check for availabilities for a personal meeting with our business team via ephj@flexous.com.

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Flexous will be present at EPHJ 2023!

Meet our Flexous team at EPHJ.
We are happy to schedule a dedicated meeting with you to explore possibilities. Check for availabilities for a personal meeting with our business team via ephj@flexous.com!

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Flexous at EPHJ 2022

Flexous at EPHJ 2022

On June 14th – 17th Flexous were at the EPHJ – The World of High Precision exhibition in Geneva.

An epochal event

On March 25th our watch partner Frederique Constant launched their Slimline Monolithic Manufacture with our latest technology inside.

It was perceived as a breakthrough in the watch industry, a watch that ticks at an astonishing 288,000 times per hour, which is 10 times faster than most mechanical watches, yet runs twice as long (on a standard barrel). It includes an oscillator of an unprecedented size of just 9,8 mm in diameter and 0,3 mm in thickness, which is significantly smaller than a Lever Escapement System.

It received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the watch industry, press and the end users, such as “a disruptive technology”, “a layer so thin that it seems two-dimensional, as if the third dimension is time”, “start of a new sector in the watch industry”, “an epochal event”. You can find more information here.


Flexous at EPHJ 2019

Flexous welcomes you to visit us at the EPHJ conference in Geneva, June 18-21. You can find us in the start-up area at stand M97.

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Flexous’ CTO wins Prins Friso Engineering Award!

Nima Tolou, CTO of Flexous, has received the 2018 Engineer of the Year award, organized by the Royal Dutch Institute of Engineers (KIVI). This award highlights his role in the research and development of the Zenith Defy Lab –the most accurate mechanical watch in the world- and motion energy harvesting.

The modern engineer is capable of addressing societal challenges via a scientific approach and convert these into breakthrough technologies. Nima has this capability, sees challenges and combines them into appealing research that helps improve the world piece by piece”, according to the jury.

During the ceremony at the Day of the Engineer at the Groningen Engineering Center of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in the presence of Princess Beatrix and Princess Mabel, Nima personally collected the price. He responded to be ‘honored for the very nice recognition of not only my work, but also of the team as a whole’.

“Flexous on BNR Nieuwsradio!”

Following the presentation of the Zenith Defy lab –the most accurate mechanical watch ever- Flexous was invited to BNR Nieuwsradio to explain this groundbreaking oscillator. Wout and Nima clarified the underlying technology and possible additional applications of our invention in the rubric Eyeopeners, where remarkable innovations are discussed daily.

Achieve a breakthrough oscillator technology

“Flexous is proud of being part of the effective synergy to achieve a breakthrough oscillator technology.”
On 14 September 2017, Swiss watchmaker Zenith presented a new Zenith Defy lab oscillator – an invention that challenges nothing less than the operating principle of mechanical watches invented by Christian Huygens in the 17th century. The new oscillator is a monolithic design made in one plane, one piece, and with no internal friction. The technique provides for the most accurate mechanical watch ever.

Read the full article button opens in new window (https://www.tudelft.nl/2017/3me/completely-new-watch-regulator-by-joint-effort-of-lvmh-watch-division-tu-delft-and-tu-delft-spin-off-flexous)