We fully exploit the benefits of flexible mechanisms to help companies design better mechanical products. As one of the leading teams in the design of flexible mechanisms, Flexous makes significant increases in mechanism performance possible. Flexous opens up new possibilities and accelerates your product development.

Flexous in the News

September 14, 2017

"Flexous is proud of being part of the effective synergy to achieve a breakthrough oscillator technology."

On Sep 14th Swiss watchmaker Zenith presented a new oscillator – an invention that challenges nothing less than the operating principle of mechanical watches invented by Christian Huygens in the 17th century. The new oscillator is a monolithic design made in one plane, one piece and with no internal friction. The technique provides for the most accurate mechanical watch ever.

Improved performance

Longer lifetime

Flexible mechanisms do not have sliding or revolving parts and there is no wear due to friction enabling much longer lifetime.

Energy efficiency

Gain a better energy efficiency or a longer operational time due to removal of frictional contacts such as sliding or revolution bearings.

Reduced heat generation

No heat is generated due to sliding/revolving parts. This is of particular importance for applications under the vacuum environment.

Better cleanliness

The absence of friction also eliminates the debris enabling applications friendly to the environments such as cleanroom, biomedical and food.

No backlash and no play

Enjoy utilizing an ultimate precision mechanism using Flexous innovative flexible mechanisms where no backlash and tolerances exists.


Flexible mechanisms can enable certain applications to become fully monolithic which enables downscaling and benefiting from MEMS manufacturing techniques.

Reduced costs

Reduced number of parts

Significantly reduced numbers of parts to be fabricated. In some cases the mechanism consists of one monolithic part.

Simplified fabrication methods

The fabrication of fewer parts usually simplifies the fabrication process and reduces the list of materials and costs related to fabrication.

Reduced assembly

Flexible mechanisms do not have any sliding or revolute joints as conventional systems, making it possible to substantially reduce the assembly.

No maintenance & lubrication

No more hassle and cost of replacing bearing, sliding joints and lubrications!

Our capabilities

Flexous brings your product vision to life, through the design of innovative flexible mechanisms. Our strong foundation in cutting-edge science is one of our greatest strengths. We solve problems from the ground up, understanding the fundamentals of flexible mechanisms and employing know-hows in the field to your product’s advantage. The simulation/optimization methods range from the use of the industry standard software to our own algorithms that are highly specialized. In early stages rapid prototypes are built and tested to evaluate critical design functionality. We keep an eye on design manufacturability to ensure a smooth transfer to production.

Concept Development

At Flexous, we can take forward your vision from initial ideas to an optimal flexible mechanism solution.

  • Initial concept generation and brainstorming
  • Concept development, evaluation and refinement
  • Operational requirements and environment definition

Mechanism Design

As one of the leading teams in the design of flexible mechanisms, Flexous makes significant increases in mechanism performance possible:

  • Component & system design
  • Finite Element and Structural Analysis
  • Advance Stress-strain Analysis
  • Advance Kinematic Analysis
  • Dynamics Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Highly specialized self-developed algorithms


    Fast prototyping is a vital part of our design process to ensure we encounter real life challenges at an early stage.

    Rapid prototyping (in house):

    • Stratasys 3D Printer of 17um layer thickness
    • CO2 laser cutter of 100W, 0.1 mm precision
    • CNC milling and other standard machining
    • Semi-automated CNC coil winder

    Micro fabrication/MEMS(supplier-chain)

    • Silicon 100 mm wafers (DRIE)
    • Nickel alloy (LIGA)
    • Carbon Nano Tubes (CNT)


    Flexous team draws on vast experience in the design of test setups & procedures, data analysis & interpretation of prototype test results.

    Test setups (in house):

    • Force-deflection curve: up to 50nm and 0.5uN resolution
    • Fatigue: up to 10 million cycles lifetime
    • Vibration: 0-200Hz, 0-6mm amplitude

    Access to test setups:

    • Vibration Rheometer
    • High Speed Camera with point tracking

    Bring the benefits of flexible mechanism to your product now!


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