Revolutionary flexible watch part designs

Flexous is a specialist in flexible mechanisms engineering for horology.

Flexous in the News

March 21st, 2018

Flexous’ CTO wins Prins Friso Engineering Award!

Nima Tolou, CTO of Flexous, has received the 2018 Engineer of the Year award, organized by the Royal Dutch Institute of Engineers (KIVI). This award highlights his role in the research and development of the Zenith Defy Lab –the most accurate mechanical watch in the world- and motion energy harvesting. 

“The modern engineer is capable of addressing societal challenges via a scientific approach and convert these into breakthrough technologies. Nima has this capability, sees challenges and combines them into appealing research that helps improve the world piece by piece”, according to the jury. 

During the ceremony at the Day of the Engineer at the Groningen Engineering Center of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, in the presence of Princess Beatrix and Princess Mabel, Nima personally collected the price. He responded to be ‘honored for the very nice recognition of not only my work, but also of the team as a whole’.

Flexous in the News

September 14, 2017

"Flexous is proud of being part of the effective synergy to achieve a breakthrough oscillator technology."

On 14 September 2017, Swiss watchmaker Zenith presented a new Zenith Defy lab oscillator – an invention that challenges nothing less than the operating principle of mechanical watches invented by Christian Huygens in the 17th century. The new oscillator is a monolithic design made in one plane, one piece, and with no internal friction. The technique provides for the most accurate mechanical watch ever.

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Flexous in the News

October 10, 2017

"Flexous on BNR Nieuwsradio!"

Following the presentation of the Zenith Defy lab –the most accurate mechanical watch ever- Flexous was invited to BNR Nieuwsradio to explain this groundbreaking oscillator. Wout and Nima clarified the underlying technology and possible additional applications of our invention in the rubric Eyeopeners, where remarkable innovations are discussed daily.

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Watches that consist




Think about a complexity of a watch escapement system which can become into a monolithic design: one part, made in one piece

Flexible mechanisms reduce the number of parts in watches by combining them into one monolithic design.

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Watches as thin as you would like them.

You can make a watch as thin as you like with our one piece monolithic designs.

The monolithic nature of flexible mechanisms completely eliminates the need for axles and stones, thus reducing the watch’s thickness significantly.

Looking for an alternative for hairsprings?

Flexible mechanisms can take over the function of hairsprings and set new boundaries for precision and accuracy.

Watches that need little-or-no lubrication.

Monolithic designs are inherently frictionless. Flexible watch part mechanisms have little-to-no wear, and thus do not need lubrication and only limited service.

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Magnetism insensitive watch parts.

The advances made in semiconductors enable watch part designs that have no sensitivity to magnetism.

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Strong magnet
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Watches with longer run-times

Increase your watch’s run-time either by reducing the energy consumption with state-of-the-art materials or more efficient designs; or by increasing the available power with innovative barrel springs; or more efficient automatic winding.

Larger storage capacity.

Storage comes from spring deformation. We master deformation of elastic elements and enable energy storage with higher power density and lower variation of torque.

Better efficiency of automatic winding.

We enable exploitation of the optimal dynamics for automatic winding by combining the opportunities in flexible mechanisms with know-how from our sister company, Kinergizer on energy harvesting technologies. Flexible automatic winding solutions enable several times more efficiency than conventional systems.

Oscillators with high Q.

The energy losses in flexible mechanism design are significantly lower than in traditional watch parts due to the absence of friction, which enables a high Q factor and longer run-time.

Way of working

We perform cutting edge research and development in flexible mechanisms engineering for the watch industry.

"We start with innovative concepts and designs, which we customize and mature during our non-recurring engineering projects, (NRE) to create a product. Our engineers squeeze every possible second per day of precision, shock robustness, and hours of run-time out of a design to offer you the best product possible."

We are your partner from idea to production.

We are able to produce in low volumes, bringing the designs to viable products. Would you like to benefit from the revolutionary technologies that flexible mechanisms have enabled in horology?

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